When you work with an expert tree company to service trees of all sizes and shapes, it is important to see to it they have the right devices for the work. Any specialist company that claims to be professionals in providing tree solutions will have the proper tools, while non-professionals will certainly more than likely show up unprepared for the task available.

Learn about the right equipment a tree company in Chicago and nearby areas should have for any call for tree removal service.

Bucket Truck

In order to reach the tops of tall trees and properly trim or remove them from the property, a tree company will need a bucket truck. This is by far the safest option vs. climbing up into a tree to cut down branches or prune away dying branches from the tree. Our tree surgeons can expertly manuever the bucket around the tree to safely trim off branches or remove the tree. It is also an essential piece of equipment to use when you have a large tree in a space that is tough to reach, such as a small side yard or an alleyway.

Wood Chipper

Another piece of equipment that any professional tree company should have is a wood chipper. This machine chops tree logs down into mulch, which makes it much easier to transport or haul away. If desired, the tree company can even leave the mulch on the premises for the customer’s landscape beds as an eco-friendly option. This method also cuts down on time and labor at the job site, which is better for the property owner.

Grapple Truck

Larger logs can be hard to haul off without a grapple truck, which provides a way to move them around on the job site or haul them off. Without this, crews will have to cut the logs into smaller pieces and carry them. This will take more time and labor, which ends up being more expensive in the long run for you because you will have to pay for the labor.